Len Horowitz

Len Horowitz is one of the world's leading expert and authority on Westrex/Scully and Neumann disc recording systems that produce 90% of lacquer disc masters for vinyl reproduction. He has been involved with audio service, restoration, research and development for analog sound equipment for over 40 years, specializing in design engineering for recording heads, microphone preamplifiers, tape replay and recording amplifiers and phonograph playback preamplifiers. His designs could be found in nearly all modified Westrex cutterheads today.


Jacob Horowitz

Jacob Horowitz developed an interest in vintage audio equipment at an early age. He began his career in music working at a classical record label, Yarlung Records that records using audiophile recording techniques. Jacob started restoring record players over 15 years ago and now has worked on over 10,000 turntables. Under the mentorship of Len Horowitz, he has also developed an expertise servicing Ampex Tape machines and Westrex cutterheads.