We preserve audio recording history through restoration and education


As a guardian of sound history, History of Recorded Sound (HRS) has been servicing and restoring audio recording equipment for nearly 3 decades and is one of the only studios in the world specializing in vinyl mastering lathes and cutterheads. HRS engineers also innovate new parts to enhance the quality and longevity of vintage gear and manufactures cutting edge sound technology in-house such as phono pre-amps. The studio facility provides services for analog transfers for archiving music history and family heirlooms and in-house direct-to-disc recordings.

In 2018, founder Len Horowitz created History of Recorded Sound Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit. He has made HRS a place for learning and enrichment, frequently housing students interested in many facets of the recording industry from music technology, sound production to song writing, hosting tours for the local community and schools and holding workshops on the history of recording and lessons on reading schematics--

"The reason that we're here is to teach students and young people how to listen again and to enjoy an audio-only format" — Len Horowitz



Find out about our business, mission, our methods, and the results of our decades of service and restoration.

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